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Designer inserting a thermoforming template inside the Mayku Multiplier (pressure forming machine)
Close up image of a thermoforming template made with an SLS 3D Printer (Formlabs Fuse 1)

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Industrial design

From Prototyping to Production

Use our machines to rapidly create molds or form parts to speed up your product development.
  • Faster iteration cycles
  • Increase your yield
  • Reduce your cost per part
  • No MoQ or setup costs
How it works

Mold or form in minutes

Design a template

Sketch on paper or design your template in the CAD package of your choice

Print, carve or sculpt it

3D print your design or make your object any way you see fit

Create instant molds

Use one of our machines to create molds or form parts of your template in minutes

The level of detail it can replicate is amazing - as good as injection molding but quicker and more cost effective.

It suits us and what we stand for too. Really good design requires iterative hand made prototypes to perfect a solution.

Beta Design Office London based design consultancy working with Nike and Fussy.

Turbocharge Your Product Development

Make Custom Product Casings

Use a Mayku machine to quickly make product casings in small batches.

Cast Precision Parts

Quickly make reusable molds for silicon, plaster, Jesmonite, and even resin.

Create Housings for Electronics

Create custom housings so your boards nestle perfectly in place

Work With Transparent Materials

Use crystal clear sheets to make optically perfect forms.

Create Professional-Grade Packaging

Inserts, blister packs or trays - all your packaging needs now available on your desktop.

Try Out Soft and Flexible Forms

Work with flexible materials and experiment with different CMFs quickly with no MoQs

Start your journey

Take a look at out machines or talk to a specialist to start making with Mayku machines
Case studies

See what others are making

Beta design studio

Watch how Beta use the Multiplier to make electronics, insoles and more
Go to case study


Read about how UTR created a short run of packaging protypes with the FormBox
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Follow along as Playdude use the FormBox to create factory level products
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Pressure Forming

Capture intricate detail with in-house prototyping and production for custom molds and parts


Vacuum Forming

Launch rapid and affordable product lines for custom molds, models and product parts

Watch how Beta Design Office use the Mayku Multiplier

Industrial design on the blog

How Milachocolata uses the FormBox to create custom chocolates for wholesale and bespoke orders

Makes • 6 minutes read
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Making a custom chocolate iceberg mold with chocolatier Paul A. Young and the Mayku Multiplier

Makes • 4 minutes read
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Industrial Design prototyping without outsourcing with the Mayku Multiplier

Makes • 4 minutes read
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Start your journey

Take a look at our machines or talk to a specialist to start making with Mayku machines

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