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Revolutionizing Dental Hygiene with Smile Brilliant and the Mayku Multiplier

Smile Brilliant is a dynamic direct-to-consumer brand that specializes in dental hygiene products such as whitening trays, night guards, and more. With a focus on providing top-tier, accessible dental solutions directly to consumers, Smile Brilliant leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance product quality and customer satisfaction. At the helm of their product development and innovation efforts is Salman Shah, a partner in the company with extensive experience in automation, engineering, and relationship development.

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Before integrating the Mayku Multiplier, Smile Brilliant utilized a Mini Star pressure former which limited production to one tray at a time. This method, although effective, restricted the company's ability to scale operations efficiently. The challenge was to find a solution that could increase production capacity without compromising the quality and customization Smile Brilliant is known for.

Arranging the dental models on the forming bed of the Mayku Multiplier

The introduction of the Mayku Multiplier transformed Smile Brilliant's manufacturing process. The Multiplier, a versatile pressure former, allows the production of multiple dental trays simultaneously, significantly increasing throughput. This machine supports up 20 trays per cycle, compared to the single tray capacity of the previous system, within a similar cycle time. The Multiplier's internal compressor and user-friendly interface further streamline the production process, enabling even those without specialized training to operate the machine effectively.

The formed 428mm sheet
  1. Increased Production Efficiency: By shifting from single to multiple tray production, Smile Brilliant has dramatically reduced the time and labor involved in manufacturing dental trays. This scalability has allowed the company to handle higher order volumes and respond more swiftly to customer demand.
  2. Cost Reduction: The ability to produce multiple units per cycle has also led to significant cost savings. By sourcing larger sheets of material and reducing waste, Smile Brilliant has cut production costs by approximately 50%, enhancing the company’s competitive edge in the market.
  3. Quality and Customization: Despite the increased output, the quality of the dental trays has remained consistently high. The Mayku Multiplier’s precise pressure forming capabilities and auto levelling system ensure that each tray meets the stringent requirements necessary for dental use. Additionally, the system’s flexibility allows for easy customization of trays according to individual customer needs.
  4. Operational Agility: The integration of the Mayku Multiplier has allowed Smile Brilliant to keep all manufacturing processes in-house, giving them complete control over production quality and timelines. This agility has proven invaluable in maintaining high standards and adapting quickly to market changes or new business opportunities.
Close up of the formed sheet with multiple appliances

Smile Brilliant's adoption of the Mayku Multiplier represents a significant leap forward in their dental appliance manufacturing capabilities. The success story of Salman Shah and his team showcases the transformative impact of integrating innovative technologies in traditional industries. As Smile Brilliant continues to explore the potential of the Mayku Multiplier, they aim to expand their product offerings and explore new materials and methods to further enhance their products. 

For businesses in the dental and orthodontic industries, or any field requiring detailed customization and scalability, the Mayku Multiplier offers a compelling solution. To learn more about how this technology can be integrated into your operations, visit Mayku's official website or contact their sales team directly.

To check out the work of Smile Brilliant, visit their site: www.smilebrilliant.com

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