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Scale your production

Bringing pressure forming to the desktop for the first time. Create ultra precise, long lasting molds and production parts in minutes.
What it is

Pressure forming, on the desktop

Pressure forming is an industrial grade manufacturing process, used to make molds and parts really quickly. By utilising pressure when forming heated sheet material, pressure forming can capture detail finer than a human hair and perfectly sharp edges. The process of making a mold takes just 5 minutes.

The Multiplier is more affordable than the setup cost of one custom chocolate mold with most manufacturers.

A custom mold might have taken 8-12 weeks to prepare, with setup fees costing in the £1000's and MOQs that are prohibitively high

Philip Khoury Pastry Chef and Chocolatier at Harrods, London
Effortless speed

High resolution molds & parts in 5 minutes

The Multiplier’s tanks fill with compressed air and pressurise the dome with up to 4 atmospheres (60psi) of pressure.
The pressure forces the heated sheet of material into every detail of your creation.
Creating high-resolution molds or parts in a matter of minutes.

See the Multiplier in action

We asked chocolatier Paul A. Young, homewares designer Fiona Coupe and Beta Design Studio to showcase the possibilities.

Start your journey

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Why the Multiplier?

More power. More precision. More possibilities.

Sharp edges

Super precise 90 degree edges for improved accuracy

High detail

Capture textures finer than a human hair

Large scale

Design within a 400mm wide circular forming area with 160mm height

Easy to use

Quick to learn, rapid setup, mold in a minute


Fits on a desk and doesn’t require an external pump

In comparison

Our most powerful, professional machine



What is it

Vacuum Former

What is it

Pressure Former

Forming Bed

200mm (L) × 200mm (W) x 130mm (H)

Forming Bed

400mm (L) × 400mm (W) x 160mm (H)

Max sheet thickness


Max sheet thickness

8mm (with Reducing Plate)

Min Sheet Thickness


Min Sheet Thickness


Detail resolution


Detail resolution

Finer than a human hair

Requires external pump?


Requires external pump?


Size & weight

315mm (L) x 274mm (W) x 466mm (H) - 13kg (boxed)

Size & weight

585mm (L) x 515mm (W) x 420mm (H) - 68kg (boxed)

$799 / €799 / £699
The Makers

See how makers use the Multiplier

Start your journey

Get a quote or talk to a specialist to get your hands on the Multiplier

Materials & accessories

HIPS sheet

Opaque for casing

  • 1.0mm
$4.99 per sheet Product info

PETG sheet

Transparent & Food Safe

  • 1.0mm
$5.99 per sheet Product info

EVA sheet

Flexible for complex shapes

  • 1.5mm
$12.50 per sheet Product info

On the blog

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