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Perfectly batch produce product casings with the Multiplier

The Multiplier accurately replicates the quality of industrial manufacturing, resulting in injection mold like quality parts. We've outlined below a workflow for double-sided casings.
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At Mayku, we batch produced double-sided casings using the Multiplier

Step 01

Design tooling for pressure forming

There are some things to consider when designing a 2-part tool for thermoforming. In order to achieve optimum results, we suggest: 

  1. 1. Apply draft angles of at least 5°
  2. 2. The thickness of the wall must be higher than the width of two sheets of material used for manufacture - if less, they will not fit inside one another
  3. 3. There needs to be a flat, continuous surface on both sides that will allow the two halves to be glued together
  4. 4. Use registration features that will make sure that the two halves align well during gluing
Download the complete guide
Step 02

3D printing the tool

Suggested specifications: 


  1. 1. 3D Printing Process: SLA 3D 
  2. 2. Printing Resin: High Temperature Resin 
  3. 3. Layer Height: 25 microns 
  4. 4. Note: After removing supports and thoroughly washing the part in an isopropanol bath. Ensure the part is cured at the designated cycle according to the manufacturer to maximize temperature deflection.
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Step 03

Pressure forming with the Multiplier

  1. 1. Apply 4 coats of Dry PTFE Spray from WD40, allowing it to dry completely between each coat. This allows for easier mold release after forming 
  2. 2. Select sheet material and remove any protective film. We used HIPS 1mm
  3. 4. When placing the tools on the forming bed, ensure there is at least a 15mm gab between the two separate tools
  4. 5. When de-molding, gently flex the part and push from the centre of the form to release the tool 
  5. 6. Download our guide to discover which Custom Mode settings we chose for forming
Download the complete guide
Step 04

Trimming and bonding

  1. 1. Roughly cut each side of the thermoformed part
  2. 2. For gluing we recommend laying a 1mm continuous bead of Gel Type CA glue on the outer surface of the internal side of the product casing
  3. 3. Ensuring there are no air bubbles and gaps in the glue bead will make for a better finish of the final part
  4. 4. Sandwich the two parts of the product casing and apply equal pressure on the part
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Step 05

Jig assisted laser cutting

  1. 1. It's important to set up the jig and cutting path correctly to ensure repeatability which is essential for batch production
  2. 2. The 3D printed tool which was previously used for the thermoforming can now be used as a jig.
  3. 3. We suggest laser cutting a path based on the base of the 3D printed tool from a sheet of MDF which can then be fixed to the laser bed. The tool positioned in the laser cut part of the MDF sheet becomes the jig 
  4. 4. We can now put the trimmed and glued product casing onto the jig which will hold it in place during the cutting process
  5. 5. The cutting path for the product casing is referenced to the cutting path of the jig meaning that the laser will precisely cut the excess border off, leaving you with a perfectly cut final part
Download the complete guide
Download the guide

Explore our guide to producing double sided casings

In this guide, we detail the entire workflow for producing a double sided product casing using a combination of 3D printing, pressure forming and jig-assisted laser cutting.
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Understand the complete workflow

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  • Tooling design for pressure forming
  • 3D printing a thermoforming tool
  • Forming your parts on the Mayku Multiplier
  • Trimming excess material
  • Bonding the two sides
  • Jig assisted laser cutting and finishing

Double sided casings on the Mayku Multiplier

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