Add the Mayku Multiplier to your fab lab.
ABS, PMMA & UHMW now available

Pressure forming in education

Offer students hands-on experience in manufacturing and design, combining theory with real-world STEM applications.
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Empower students with hands-on learning

Beyond theoretical knowledge, hands-on exposure to pressure forming imparts vital insights into material dynamics, design boundaries, and processing variables.

Safe student operation for independent use

Its intuitive design ensures students can get started without extensive assistance, streamlining the learning curve.

Rapid cycle times

With cycle times ranging between two to 20 minutes, students can see their ideas take shape in a short span, enhancing engagement.

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Fast & easy-to-use

Learn from leading institutions already using the Mayku Multiplier

I’m really hoping that they will start to think in other directions... than just I can 3D print it, or laser cut, or I can cut it out of wood because with the Multiplier the range gets much bigger.

Pavel Dagorov
Head of Workshops, FHNW University, Switzerland

It’s accessible, you can use it out of the box, you don’t need to know that much about the machine itself, it’s hard to see how it could be done much easier.

Kasper Kramme
Innovation Teacher, FGU Østjylland, Denmark

The students can do a prototype very quickly, in a few minutes instead of waiting for 20 hours, (test it) and then change course much more quickly.

Pavel Dagorov
Head of Workshops, FHNW University, Switzerland

Because it’s such an easy-to-use machine, and its a very quick operation, I don’t have to worry about something going severely wrong.

Zachary O’Connor
Lead 3D Print Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Leveraging the Multiplier to make molds that are much faster, I don’t have to wait 3.5 to 5 hours for the silicone to cure... I’m able to to put something in there, hit go, and it works.

Eli White
Independent Maker & Engineer, USA

Seamless integration between thermoforming and 3D printing

1. Design your template
Design your template following the thermoforming design best practices.
2. Make your template
We recommend using 3D printing and high-temperature resin to make thermoforming templates.
3. Select your material
Use Mayku materials that come with forming profiles or your own thermoformable material thanks to Custom Mode.
4. Pressure form your part
The Mayku Multiplier heats your chosen material to the perfect temperature and applies up to five tonnes of force, capturing sub-micron details.
5. Post-process your form
De-mold your template, and cut and finish your form to meet your requirements.
6. Create professional parts
Applications produced on the Multiplier are perfect for prototyping new concepts or manufacturing small batches.

From product design to aerospace and beyond

Offer students hands-on experience in manufacturing and design, combining theory with real-world STEM applications.

An education-friendly pressure former

The Mayku Multiplier is an intuitive machine that students can operate straight away.

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