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Open Wide.

Expand your lab's potential and boost efficiency with the large-format pressure former from Mayku. Want a demo? Sign up and we'll be in touch.
Open materials

Work with standard sizes of thermoforming materials from any supplier. These include 125mm round, 127mm square, 240mm round, 428mm round, and A4 dental thermoforming blanks, all with savable, customizable profiles.

Increased output

Boost your productivity and free up time for other activities with the formation of up to 20 appliances per cycle with large 428mm diameter sheets. Or use Mayku accessories to form smaller quantities without wasting material.

Consistent forms

An in-built temperature sensor, compressor, and auto-leveling system keep your material perfectly level while heating. This results in repeatable, consistent forms with no drooping.

Engineered in the UK

Designed in London to meet the demands of continuous industrial use. High-quality machinery with super-simple operation.


Dual Laminates


Bleaching Trays


Bruxism Appliances

Go Big (or small)

Scale up your production efficiently, or open up new revenue streams with a selection of purpose-built accessories.

7 Shooter

  • Modular, form 1 to 7 appliances at once
  • Compatible with all 125mm circular foils
  • Lightning fast magnetic loading mechanism
  • Works with 0.1-4mm thickness of material

240 Round

  • Compatible with all 240mm circular foils
  • Lightning fast magnetic loading mechanism
  • Works with 0.1-4mm thickness of material

127 Square

  • Compatible with all 127mm square foils
  • Works with 0.1-5mm thickness of material


  • Compatible with the new WHW cache material
  • Works with 0.1-5mm thickness of material

Think big

Form up to 20 appliances in one pull with large 428mm diameter sheets, freeing up time for you and the team to focus on other crucial tasks (like lunch).

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Avoid the droop

The innovative built-in temperature sensor and auto-leveling system keep your material perfectly level while it heats. This eliminates drooping, which reduces thinning and allows for consistent, repeatable results across forms and the technicians making them.

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It’s a material world

Combined with one of the reducing plate accessories, the Multiplier can handle all standard sizes of thermoforming materials. It will work with 125mm round, 127mm square, 240mm round, and 428mm round dental thermoforming blanks from 0.1-5mm thicknesses without breaking a sweat.

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Unique profiles, infinitely customisable

Material profiles arrive pre-installed on the machine. Customize, edit, and save your favorites to your desired fit using the simple-to-use interface. Once a profile has been created, you can then save it and replay it back in one click - giving you consistent, reliable products for every batch.

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Time saving

The massive work area of the Multiplier increases output, freeing up time to focus on new revenue streams and scaling your business.

Flexible scalability

Modular reduction plates, multiple materials, and rock-solid prolonged performance enable you to adapt to increased customer demand without concern for machine downtime.

Consistent results

The built-in auto-leveling system ensures uniform heating of materials, enhancing product consistency and precision across batches.

Your favorite materials

Our modular reduction plates and customizable material profiles enable you to use any thermoformable material you like.

Easy operation

Designed and tested for use by almost anyone, the Mayku Multiplier allows technicians of any skill level to produce high-quality results, minimizing training requirements and human error.

Super reliable

Engineered to meet the demands of continuous industrial use, the Mayku Multiplier ensures that labs can keep up with demand without the risk of machine downtime.


Connect your machine to Wi-Fi for over-the-air firmware updates, the latest material profiles, and new machine functionality, so you can stay on top of your game.

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Internal compressor

No need for an external air supply; the Multiplier has an internal compressor (and air out port) to ensure a completely clean air supply wherever you want to place it.

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