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Make affordable molds, fast.

Recreate shapes in minutes with industrial grade vacuum forming on your desktop
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The Mayku FormBox

Take control of your mold creation with this compact and easy-to-use machine. Industrial-grade vacuum forming for in-house production.

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2 minutes

Forming time


Max. heating power


Forming bed

Expand your product line from your desktop

Almost any shape

Use found objects or bespoke templates to create unique molds on the desktop.

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Lightning fast

Produce molds in seconds and multiply, fast.

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Intricate detail

Pick up detail finer than a grain of sand for products that truly stand out.

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Vacuum forming, for the desktop

Prototype quickly or create short runs of final products with factory power on your desktop. Vacuum form final parts or cast unique objects with flexible molds. Save time and money with the Mayku FormBox.

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Pioneering creators are using the FormBox across a wide variety of applications and workflows.

FormBox applications

From molds to models, across multiple industries

Bespoke packaging

Create custom packaging for your product for a professional finish.

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Product prototyping

Iterate on ideas and learn fast by bringing your prototyping in-house.

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Food products

Our food-safe materials are perfect for creating chocolate molds and containers for edible goods.

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Small-batch production runs

With no minimum order quantity, take control of your production line with limited runs.

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STEM Education

From primary schools to university workshops, the FormBox is simple to use and a useful teaching tool for a range of subject matters.

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Mayku Teach

Using Mayku to educate? Access STEM projects, challenges and lesson plans.

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The best alternative to silicon molding

How it works
Just $1 per mold
Save money and free yourself to experiment with in house mold making
Mold in a minute
Create a wider variety of molds and more of them to increase your production
Almost any shape
Experiment with different templates to create unique molds that stand out
Intricate detail
Pick up detail finer than a grain of sand to produce high quality products
Lightweight and small
Smaller than a microwave, the FormBox fits easily on your desktop
Professional quality
Factory quality, the FormBox is used by Nike and even NASA

FormBox materials

See all materials

Flex sheets

Flexible for complex shapes

1mm thickness
$5.33 per sheet (pack of 15 sheets)
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Resin Sheets

For casting resin

1.5mm thickness
$2.00 per sheet (pack of 20 sheets)
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Clear Sheets

Transparent and food safe

0.5–1mm thickness
$1.33 per sheet (pack of 30 sheets)
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FormBox accessories

Get even more out of the FormBox with these compatible accessories

Heat Shield

An essential accessory for using with our Resin Sheets as well as other professional materials.

Product info
Pro Mesh

A super-fine metal bed accessory for the FormBox etched with 1000’s of tiny holes to let more air escape from around the form you’re vacuum forming.

Product info
What’s included?

Everything you need to get started

Every FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates and a universal vacuum adaptor to ensure you get making straight away.

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