Add the Mayku Multiplier to your fab lab.
ABS, PMMA & UHMW now available

Multiplier applications

Precision parts with production materials, in minutes

Multiplier in business

Engineers at pioneering companies are producing industrial parts, with factory-grade materials with the Multiplier.

Prototyping consumer product casings
(ABS) Mitigate production delays by prototyping using final production materials and final production process.
Transparent light lens
(PMMA) Small batch of Transparent, UV resistant with high impact strength with no tooling investment.
Industrial food molds
(Food-safe PETG) Rapid production of food-safe molds with reduced lead times and costs.
Small batch microfluidics chips
(EVA and pressure-sensitive tape) Reduce tooling investment risk, validate final production materials.
Prototyping of consumer goods packaging
(PETG) Rapid iteration and tolerance checking of prototypes in final materials, decreasing time to market.
Protective coverings for production line machine
(ABS) Maintain production uptime, reduced parts costs, reduced lead times.
Replacing costly injection molded engine inlet/outlet caps
(Red EVA foam) Replacing expensive and long lead time injection molded parts in house directly on the production line using 3D printed tooling to produce a short batch of flexible, high tolerance engine caps.
Protecting production line parts on on the factory floor
(EVA) Protecting crucial production line components with strong and flexible custom coverings.

Multiplier in education

The Multiplier is used in world leading educational institutions to make the future of manufacturing accessible to all.

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Using the Multiplier in the workshop to provide access to advanced manufacturing techniques in the workshop.
Harvard University
Elevating the workshop's manufacturing capabilities with the Multiplier for advanced research.
Bristol University
Using the Multiplier in the Department of Aerospace Engineering to prototype and fabricate UAVs.

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Discover the benefits of adding in-house pressure forming to your workflow and learn about the unique capabilities of the Mayku Multiplier

Food packaging using PETG

Produce semi-rigid and impact resistant food-safe containers that are fully recyclable.
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Visual prototypes using HIPS

Define a product’s size, shape and personality with visual prototypes using HIPS and the Mayku Multiplier
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Customer Story
Manufacturing replacement lighting parts for building renovation with the Mayku Multiplier
Discover how 3DNet turned to pressure forming to manufacture replacement parts that were no longer available using the Mayku Multiplier
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Assitive device (blue) made with the Mayku Multiplier
Customer Story
Creating assistive technology in-house at Bethany Children's Health Center
Discover how the Mayku Multiplier is used to create custom keyguards and other assistive devices at Bethany Children's Health Center
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Customer Story
Revolutionizing microfluidics prototyping: Mayku Multiplier expedites production without costly tooling
Before adopting the Mayku Multiplier, our customer, Rapid Fluidics, encountered a significant challenge in small-batch production of microfluidic chips. Traditional methods were time-consuming and costly, often requiring expensive injection molding tooling that wasn't viable for smaller production runs.
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Customer Story
Pressure forming perfected: Coventry University's dive into the Mayku Multiplier
Discover how engineering students reimagine conventional pressure forming techniques using the Mayku Multiplier
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Customer Story
How Oertli prototypes medical packaging in 24 hours with pressure forming
Discover how Oertli turned to pressure forming to prototype medical packaging with the Mayku Multiplier
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Multiplier in education

Enhance student learning experiences with pressure forming

Precision plastic fabrication on the desktop

Achieve sub-micron levels of detail with factory-grade materials on the Mayku Multiplier.

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