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By Light’s strategic enhancement of recruitment tools using the Mayku Multiplier

By Light, a division of a larger technology conglomerate known for IT services and cybersecurity, has carved out a niche in modelling and simulation for military applications. With a focus on providing high-tech training and recruitment tools, By Light has expanded its portfolio to include cutting-edge flight simulators and vehicle trainers. Under the leadership of Cory McAndrew, the general manager responsible for the modelling and simulation division, By Light has embarked on innovative projects to support military recruitment efforts.

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The challenge facing the U.S. military in attracting new recruits has grown as active conflicts have diminished, and traditional recruitment methods have become less effective. By Light was tasked with creating a solution that not only piqued the interest of potential recruits but also educated them on the diverse career opportunities available beyond combat roles, such as IT and engineering positions within the military.

In response to this challenge, By Light utilized its expertise in simulations to develop an engaging, gamified recruitment tool. The tool, designed to be both informative and entertaining, features various military career simulations that are accessible on a portable, easy-to-set-up platform. This system includes a leaderboard to encourage competition and interaction among users.

The critical component of this setup was the need for a custom part to house the game controllers, which had to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By Light turned to the Mayku Multiplier, a compact and versatile pressure former, to create a professional-grade mold for these parts. The Mayku Multiplier allowed for quick and cost-effective production of high-quality, durable controller housings made from ABS plastic.

Set up in the By Light workshop
  • Enhanced Recruitment Experience: The new recruitment tools were designed to be used in schools, malls, and job fairs, enabling recruiters to engage effectively with potential candidates in a dynamic and hands-off manner. The tools collect contact information and filter prospects based on interest and eligibility, providing recruiters with valuable leads without the need for immediate face-to-face interactions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability: By utilizing the Mayku Multiplier, By Light was able to manufacture the necessary components in-house, reducing costs associated with outsourcing and allowing for easy scalability. The team was able to produce small batches of the custom parts on-demand, aligning production closely with deployment needs without excess inventory.
  • Professional and Secure Product Design: The custom molds created with the Mayku Multiplier ensured that each unit was not only functional but also had a polished, professional look that enhanced the overall value of the recruitment tool.
Mock-up of portable device

Encouraged by the success of this project, By Light is exploring additional applications for the Mayku Multiplier within their broader product lines. The versatility and ease of use of the Multiplier have opened up new possibilities for rapid prototyping and small-scale production across various divisions of the company.

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