Add the Mayku Multiplier to your fab lab.
ABS, PMMA & UHMW now available

Redefining precision plastic fabrication

Achieve sub-micron levels of detail with our cutting-edge pressure forming technology, ensuring that every part you create is a masterpiece of precision.
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Injection molding quality, on the benchtop.

Discover how the Multiplier combines compressed air with precision temperature control to create ultra-high detail parts on the desktop.
Pressure Formed
Vacuum Formed
Vacuum Formed Pressure Formed

Unlike traditional forming, our patented pressure forming method applies consistent pressure across the entire mold, resulting in flawless reproduction of even the most intricate designs.


Used by:

Multiplier in education

Leading institutions are bringing pressure forming technology to the university workshop, supercharging students creativity and empowering them to use industrial manufacturing technologies. 

Pressure Former

Enhanced material compatibility

Our system can handle a wide range of thermoplastic materials, from engineering-grade plastics to specialty polymers, giving you the flexibility to choose the best material for your application without compromising on precision.

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Pressure Former

Bespoke solutions

Whether you're in the aerospace industry or creating medical devices, our pressure former empowers you to produce custom, high-precision parts that meet your unique specifications.

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Pressure Former

Streamlined workflow

The ease of use and quick setup of our desktop pressure former means that you can go from concept to finished product faster than ever before, reducing lead times and costs.

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Pressure Former

Consistency matters

Engineered for consistent performance, our machine ensures high repeatability and replicability every time you operate it. Whether you're running a single part or multiple batches, you can count on uniformity in all the parts produced.

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Bring pressure forming in-house

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Mayku Multiplier comes with:

  • Pressure former 
  • Unlimited custom material profiles 
  • First make kit

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