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Dynaudio’s enhanced precision in speaker membrane prototyping with Mayku Multiplier

Dynaudio stands as a leader in the high-fidelity audio equipment industry, renowned for its commitment to producing speakers with unmatched sound quality. Its dedication to innovation is reflected in its rigorous approach to component design and manufacturing. At the heart of its product development is the prototyping of speaker membranes, which are crucial for the accurate reproduction of sound.

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The traditional vacuum-forming tools used by Dynaudio were not only outdated, but also lacked the precision needed for high-fidelity applications. This resulted in inconsistencies in membrane thickness, leading to a substantial shrinkage rate of 30-35% at critical stress points. These imperfections greatly affected the acoustic performance of their prototype speakers, extending the product development cycle.

One of the templates used to test and iterate different curvatures and structural enhancements

The traditional vacuum-forming tools used by Dynaudio were not only outdated, The introduction of the Mayku Multiplier into Dynaudio’s prototyping process marked a pivotal shift in its manufacturing capabilities. The Multiplier's advanced pressure forming technology offered a much-needed solution, ensuring uniform membrane thickness and minimising material shrinkage to about 10%. This level of precision was critical for closely matching the design simulations and achieving the exact parameters required for optimal speaker performance.

Using the Multiplier, Dynaudio could experiment rapidly with various membrane designs. Its engineers conducted multiple iterations to test different curvatures and structural enhancements, such as integrated stiffening ribs, which were crucial for improving the sound dispersion and overall acoustic integrity of the membranes.

Close up of one of the speaker membrane prototypes

Adopting the Mayku Multiplier significantly accelerated Dynaudio's development process. Prototyping phases that previously took weeks were reduced to mere days, dramatically decreasing time to market and development costs, while ensuring that each prototype met the company’s rigorous quality standards. This speed and efficiency empowered Dynaudio to refine their speaker designs more iteratively and responsively, leading to innovations that continued to push the boundaries of audio technology.

Mayku Multiplier in the Dynaudio R&D lab

Dynaudio's successful application of the Mayku Multiplier underscores the transformative potential of integrating cutting-edge prototyping tools in manufacturing. This story is a compelling illustration of how precision in early development stages can significantly enhance product quality and operational efficiency.

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