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Benefits of pressure forming in education

Discover the benefits pressure forming technology brings when used in universities, makerspaces and student projects

From product design to aerospace and beyond, engineering professionals are embracing pressure forming technology, making it a growing part of everyday life. Many educational programs now feature pressure forming in their courses. However, for it to be widely adopted, there needs to be a better understanding of its numerous benefits in education.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of pressure forming. We’ll cover enhanced student engagement, teamwork, workforce growth, diverse thinking, and boosted creativity.

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Explore the benefits of pressure forming in education

Pressure forming is a valuable hands-on learning method in education that improves problem-solving skills, increases engagement, and fosters creativity and critical thinking. It allows students to explore an industrial process and create tangible parts and prototypes.

Multiplier-made UHMW protective part

The Mayku Multiplier shines in educational settings due to its user-friendly design. Its guided operations direct students on each step, and built-in safety measures ensure a safe exploration space.

Mayku Multiplier intuitive user interface

Pressure forming is a quick process, making it perfect for educators on tight schedules. Students can easily modify their designs and see the results, keeping both lessons and their attention fresh. With projects completed in minutes, students stay motivated and interested. Rapid cycle times mean teachers can accomplish more within a class period, maximizing student learning opportunities.

The Multiplier's user-friendly design and fast prototyping have improved our educational processes, allowing students to experiment more effectively.

— Dr. Yazdi Far, Coventry University

Pressure forming is a versatile manufacturing technology that allows for the production of everything from basic prototypes to high-quality end-use parts, with part quality similar to injection molding.

Students can rapidly refine their designs and assess their functionality in a shorter space of time than other fabrication technologies.

Multiplier-made PMMA light cover

Just like 3D printing, pressure forming has mostly been limited to large companies for many years, limiting widespread understanding and usage. Mayku has worked hard to change that. We’ve scaled down this industry-grade technology to fit on a workbench with the Mayku Multiplier, a compact yet powerful pressure forming machine.

Today, it is essential for product development stages, such as ideation, research, and manufacturing, to work hand-in-hand. Pressure forming plays a crucial role in making this process seamless and enabling the integration of different disciplines.

Pressure forming is undeniably impactful, with its benefits already evident across industries. Educators who integrate pressure forming into their curriculum equip students with knowledge of a transformative technology that is shaping their world.

If you’d like to explore more about integrating the Multiplier in education, visit our Education page, and download the Multiplier Education brochure.

Multiplier Education Brochure

Explore the benefits of pressure forming in education

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