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The Mayku Multiplier in education

The Mayku Multiplier offers students hands-on experience in manufacturing and design, combining theory with real-world STEM applications. Recognizing the indispensable role of STEM in preparing students for an ever-evolving, fastchanging world, Mayku has been a steadfast supporter of STEM educators and students since our inception in 2016.

Multiplier Education Brochure

Explore the benefits of pressure forming in education

The Mayku Multiplier is a benchtop 3D former powered by industrial pressure forming technology. It’s compatible with polymer materials of various thicknesses and can heat sheets at a higher temperature than standard thermoforming machines. This results in highly detailed final parts and molds.

When filled with compressed air, the Multiplier’s dome exerts up to five tonnes of force. This pressure forces a heated plastic sheet into every crevice of a template, and can capture details of less than <1μm.

The Multiplier is an excellent resource for fostering creativity, enhancing problem-solving skills, and preparing students for a rapidly evolving world.

— Tanveer Sayed - Georgian College
  • Engineering students: Understanding the principles and applications of pressure forming can be essential in product development and manufacturing courses. It’s especially beneficial for those in mechanical, materials, or manufacturing engineering programs.
  • Design, art, and architecture students: Pressure forming can be used by industrial design and product design students to prototype or to create final products.
  • Lab technicians: The Multiplier is easy-to-use, easy to maintain, and safe to operate from any workbench. It already has proven applications in microfluidics research and other similar fields, which is covered in more detail in a later section.
  • Educators: Those teaching courses on manufacturing processes, materials science, or design.
Mayku Multiplier used in the Coventry University workshop

Pressure forming is a versatile tool that enriches hands-on learning across various academic settings, from specialized research labs to expansive makerspaces and innovation hubs. This technology not only aligns academic training with industry practices, but also offers several benefits:

  • Space-efficient: Despite its powerful capabilities, the machine’s compact design fits comfortably into tight workspaces.
  • User-friendly interface: Its intuitive design ensures students can get started without extensive assistance, streamlining the learning curve.
  • Clarity in concept: Explaining the Multiplier technology to students is straightforward, making it a great teaching tool.
  • Quick turnaround: With cycle times ranging between two to 20 minutes, students can see their ideas take shape in a short span, enhancing engagement.
  • Specialized applications: In smaller labs, a desktop pressure former becomes invaluable for projects needing bespoke parts. It’s an affordable means to produce various design iterations.
  • Comprehensive learning for engineering students: Beyond theoretical knowledge, hands-on exposure to pressure forming imparts vital insights into material dynamics, design boundaries, and processing variables.
  • Industry-relevant skills: Familiarity with this technology prepares students for sectors like automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods, bridging classroom knowledge with real-world applications.
ABS part made with the Mayku Multiplier

Kingston University

The Engineering Design department has integrated the Multiplier into their curriculum, exposing students to cutting-edge fabrication techniques.

MIT Play Labs

Renowned for its innovative approaches, MIT Play Labs has incorporated the Multiplier into their projects and research.

Bristol Department of Aerospace Engineering

Embracing advanced manufacturing methods, this esteemed department is utilizing the Multiplier for aerospace engineering applications.

Coventry University

Students from the School of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Automotive Engineering have explored the capabilities of the Mayku Multiplier, innovating pressure forming techniques over a term. Faculty members have also closely examined its potential and evaluated its advantages for instructional purposes.

3D map project that combines dye sublimation and pressure forming developed at Coventry University

Pressure forming is undeniably impactful, with its benefits already evident across industries. Educators who integrate pressure forming into their curriculum equip students with knowledge of a transformative technology that is shaping their world.

If you’d like to explore more about integrating the Multiplier in education, visit our Education page, and download the Multiplier Education brochure.

Multiplier Education Brochure

Explore the benefits of pressure forming in education

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