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Multiplier technical specs

Size and weight




585mm (with handles)



Forming area

380mm (L) × 380mm (W) x 160mm (H)


57kg (unboxed)

Maximum tank pressure

160 psi

Maximum chamber pressure

60 psi


The Multiplier is a 100-240V, 1600W Max machine. It will be shipped with an appropriate power cable based on your territory.


Manuals & certificates

The Multiplier Manual

Learn how to operate, look after, design for and get the most of your Mayku Multiplier.

The Multiplier Activation Leaflet

Activate your machine with this quick start guide.

Multiplier Materials TDS

Download the technical data sheet for Mayku Multiplier sheet materials.

Multiplier Specification Sheet

Download a concise overview of the Multiplier.

Multiplier Materials MSDS

Download the safety data sheets for Mayku Multiplier materials.

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Multiplier Materials Food Safety Certificates

Download the certificates for food-safe Mayku Multiplier materials.

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Compliance Documents

Access all relevant compliance documents and certificates for the Mayku Multiplier. 

Design details


High contrast LCD screen to speed up your workflow and give you the power over precision and settings.


A circular bed for maximum strength, with a 400mm diameter and 160mm height to maximise your forming space.


Wifi connectivity and online registration for updatable firmware to ensure your machine only gets more powerful.

Attention to detail

Designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, every detail and interaction feels sturdy, satisfying and professional.

Compatible materials

Materials for forming

The Mayku Multiplier is compatible with any thermoformable material. Custom Mode enables full control of the machines settings, allowing for unlimited material profiles. Use Mayku materials, or third party. Large sheets are circular 428mm, or use smaller sheets with the Reducing Plate - A4 or US Letter size.

Mayku materials are shown in the table below:

UHMW 3mm
Produce strong, abrasion-resistant parts with a low friction coefficient.
ABS 4mm
Produce tough, impact-resistant parts with excellent surface appearance.
PMMA 3mm
Produce clear, hard-wearing parts with UV stability.
EVA 1.5mm
Produce flexible, shock absorbent parts that are easy to recycle.
PETG 1.mm
Prototype food-safe packaging and create transparent parts in minutes.
HIPS 1.mm
Rapidly prototype using a recyclable material with a smooth, satin finish.

We are constantly testing and certifying more materials to expand your making possibilities

Where can I buy materials?

You can buy materials for forming via our online store. A range of thermoformable materials are also available online from third parties.

Where and when?

We ship to the UK, Europe, USA and select other regions. The Multiplier is currently in limited capacity ordering, with units shipping as they are produced.

Speak to us to get a quote and understand shipping times.

Payments and returns

We accept all credit and debit cards. Get a refund at any time until the product is shipped.

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