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How to make thermoforming templates for the Mayku Multiplier

1 minute readFeb 02, 2023

When creating thermoforming template, you must consider two aspects: designing a suitable template and selecting the right manufacturing method.

Before getting started on any thermoforming project, it is essential to understand the design principles that apply to thermoforming templates. This will allow you to transform your idea into a real product as effectively and efficiently as possible. In this guide, we examine the main design principles of thermoforming.

Successful thermoforming heavily depends on a template that is well-suited to the task at hand. Templates themselves, however, will differ depending on the manufacturing method used to create them. In this guide, we’ll take a look at several popular manufacturing methods – such as 3D printing technologies – that can be used to create thermoforming templates, as well as a few points to consider about each.

Close up image of a thermoforming template made with an SLS 3D Printer (Formlabs Fuse 1)

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