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How does the Mayku Multiplier work?

3 minutes readAug 30, 2023

The Mayku Multiplier brings the precision of industrial-grade manufacturing to your workspace. Its advanced pressure forming capabilities enable you to achieve the same level of accuracy and quality as large-scale operations. From prototyping to end-use parts, the Multiplier ensures exceptional precision throughout the manufacturing process.

Intuitive operation. The Mayku Multiplier simplifies operation with its intuitive interface, making it easy for both experienced professionals and beginners to navigate. Clear instructions and user-friendly controls guide you through each step, enabling you to effortlessly create high-quality parts.

Rapid production. Experience the speed of industrial-grade production with the Mayku Multiplier. Engineered for efficiency, the machine allows you to produce parts quickly and effectively. By leveraging its advanced features, you'll save valuable time and meet your production needs efficiently.

Unlock new design options. With precise control over the forming process, you can create moulds that accommodate various materials, expanding your design possibilities. This empowers you to cast intricate and detailed parts, offering you more creative freedom.

With the First Make Kit, we provide the tools and guidance to help you make the most of your Mayku Multiplier. The included sample template serves as a practical reference, demonstrating various design principles in a clear and concise manner. Step-by-step instructions accompany your first creation, allowing you to experience the full potential of your new machine firsthand.

To operate your Mayku Multiplier, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose the desired sheet preset that matches your requirements for temperature, heating time, and pressure
  2. Place the sheet on the forming area, ensuring it is properly positioned and aligned
  3. Pull down the dome using the handle, ensuring a secure and tight fit
  4. Slide the lock mechanism into place to secure the dome tightly, ensuring no movement during the forming process
  5. Press the pressure release button, triggering the release of an impressive four tonnes of force. This step is critical for achieving optimal results, so ensure it is executed promptly.
  6. Observe the Multiplier as it intelligently adjusts the temperature and applies the necessary pressure to shape the sheet. The machine's automated features ensure precise and consistent results
  7. Once the forming process is complete, release the pressure by deactivating the pressure release button
  8. Slide the lock mechanism to unlock the dome, then carefully lift it to reveal the formed part

The Mayku Multiplier handles temperature control, heating duration, and pressure requirements for optimal results. However, when it comes to engaging and securing the dome, human interaction is key. To make the experience engaging and fun, we've introduced a gamified approach. After each form, you'll receive a score out of 100 based on your efficiency in completing the dome engagement, locking, and pressure release steps. 

Embrace the challenge, strive for a high score, and enhance your technique along the way.

Because the Mayku Multiplier has a dome-shaped chamber, you’ll need to take the height and dimensions of your template into consideration, especially if you are forming large templates or multiple templates.

Tall and narrow templates, up to 160mm, can be placed in the centre of the forming bed.
For wider templates, such as in this example, the maximum height allowed is 60mm.
If you wish to utilize the entire forming bed, the template (or templates) must be shallower, as demonstrated in this example.

For tall objects (6 cm +) you might encounter issues when closing the Mayku Multiplier lid.

The latest firmware lets you easily level the sheet by using the up arrow to set it 1 cm above and the down arrow to set it 1 cm below the desired level.

On the Mayku Multiplier interface, select Menu > Firmware > Check for updates

Updates are completely silent and will happen automatically as long as your Mayku Multiplier is connected to Wi-Fi.

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