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Multiplier Firmware 1.4: Access all thermoforming materials

Get new features and add flexibility to your workflow with the Multiplier Firmware 1.4

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new 1.4 firmware version for the Mayku Multiplier. This update brings exciting new features that add more flexibility to your manufacturing workflow.

The new firmware sets the first steps toward the Mayku ecosystem. On top of our new engineering materials, key features are introduced that significantly improve the user experience and enable new applications, as well as opening the Multiplier to all thermoforming materials. Hardware, software and materials are working together in unison to ensure the most reliable results, every time.

Curious about the Mayku ecosystem? Mayku will attend TCT 3Sixty with our partners 3DGBIRE and Create Education, where you’ll be able to see the new features in action and some new things we’re working on.

Here are some of the key changes in the new firmware.

Advanced material profiles are our next-generation profiles that use high-resolution temperature and height tracking to ensure that your forms are more reliable than ever before.

The new profiles perform per-second tracking of both the height and temperature of the loaded sheet, taking into account non-linear heating and greatly reducing the failure rate.

The Multiplier can now adjust the height of the heated sheet before forming, which is useful for pre-stretching the sheets for tall or large templates. Use the up/down arrows whilst heating to adjust the height of the sheet.

The cycle times for EVA, PETG and HIPS have all been dramatically reduced, also allowing for less time delay between forms. The cycle times are as follows:

  • EVA: reduced from 6m to 3m20s (45% cycle time reduction)
  • HIPS: reduced from 6m to 3m20s (45% cycle time reduction)
  • PETG: reduced from 6m20s to 3m30s (45% cycle time reduction)

This was achieved thanks to a better temperature management on the Multiplier. We’ve set a maximum temperature that the dome can reach before you can do a form. This new cooling step ensures that rapid runs do not overheat the Multiplier.

UHMW, ABS and PMMA (Acrylic) have all been added as material options. Learn more about the new engineering materials.

This new feature allows you to create custom material profiles to use your own materials. Create customized profiles for your materials using the Multiplier control panel, which guides you through a simple and intuitive step-by-step process.

Early access to the custom material profiles over the Multiplier is now available. Contact us for activation.

Custom material profile calibration screen

Make sure you're using the most recent firmware or download the latest version for your Multiplier from the Settings menu.

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