Add the Mayku Multiplier to your fab lab.
ABS, PMMA & UHMW now available

What materials are available for the Mayku Multiplier?

1 minute readFeb 02, 2023

A range of different thermoforming materials are available materials for the Mayku Multiplier:

  • 1mm PETG
  • 1mm HIPS
  • 1.5mm EVA
  • 3mm PMMA
  • 4mm ABS
  • 3mm UHMW

All Mayku materials have profiles on the Mayku Multiplier. Each material is available for purchase via Mayku resellers or directly via the Mayku Website.

Follow our comprehensive guide of thermoforming materials to learn which material suits your application best, or learn about individual materials by visiting our materials pages.

Learn more about Mayku Materials

It’s possible to use third-party materials with the Mayku Multiplier as can be seen here. If you’d like to do this, please notify us of the type of material and thickness so we can enable custom mode on your machine.

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