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What 3D printers do you recommend?

1 minute readFeb 02, 2023

The best 3D printers for thermoforming templates depend on your budget, desired level of precision, and other factors. The following 3D printers have been tested by the Mayku team and they offer good results when making thermoforming templates.

This resin 3D printer is ideal for creating detailed templates with a smooth surface thanks to the maximum resolution of 50 microns. Their high temperature resin is ideal for reusable templates.

Learn more about the Formlabs Form 3.

These FDM 3D printers are great for early prototyping or when making large thermoforming templates.

When using FDM technology to make thermoforming templates, it’s essential to use engineering materials that offer great mechanical and temperature resistance.

Learn more about the Ultimaker SF/S7.

This SLS 3D printer works with nylon powder and makes complex and highly resistant templates perfect for prototyping or final part production.

Learn more about the Formlabs Fuse 1.

Many 3D printers on the market are compatible with our thermoforming workflows. Be aware that the most important factor is the available materials for those 3D printers, as thermoforming templates need to have great mechanical and temperature resistance properties.

Learn more about template manufacturing with our guide on technologies to create thermoforming templates.

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