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Mayku Multiplier tech specs

6 minutes readAug 30, 2023

Where can I find tech specs for the Mayku Multiplier?

You can find tech specs here.


Does the Mayku Multiplier support dual voltage?

Yes, the Mayku Multiplier is designed to support a voltage range of 110 - 240V, ensuring compatibility across different territories.

When the machine is plugged in, it automatically detects the voltage being used, so it can be used in different territories (e.g. UK and US) without issue.

However, it's important to note that the plugs for the US, EU, and UK are different. Customers in the UK and EU regions can purchase an adapter if they need to move between these regions.


How powerful is the Mayku Multiplier?

The Mayku Multiplier is a powerful device capable of exerting 4 atmospheres of pressure, which is equivalent to approximately 5 tons of force. This substantial pressure allows for effective forming and molding of various materials, enabling users to create precise and detailed objects with ease.


How much detail can the Mayku Multiplier capture?

The Mayku Multiplier is capable of capturing incredibly fine detail less than 1 micrometer in size. This enables complex and finely detailed designs to be produced.

Pressure forming: Level of detail explained - Mayku Multiplier


Can the Mayku Multiplier form sharp corners?

The Mayku Multiplier is capable of forming sharp corners effectively because it uses air pressure from above for the forming process. This means it can capture precise, sharp edges and corners in the formed objects. In some cases it may be necessary to incorporate airholes in your template to ensure optimal results during the forming process.


How is the temperature of the material measured?

The Mayku Multiplier incorporates an inbuilt temperature sensor to measure the material's temperature. Material is heated rapidly in a pressure chamber where it can reach temperatures of up to 200°C in less than two minutes, minimising waiting times.


What temperature does the interior of the dome reach while in operation?

During operation, the interior temperature of the dome reaches approximately 80°C. It's important to note that the external operating temperature remains relatively low in order to comply with safety regulations. This means that the outer surface of the machine remains cool to the touch, allowing for safe handling during operation.


What’s the max sheet temperature?

The maximum sheet temperature inside the dome can reach up to 225°C. The external operating temperature is kept very low to comply with safety regulations, ensuring that the outside box and surfaces of the machine remain cool to the touch.


What are the forming bed dimensions?

The Mayku Multiplier features a circular bed with a diameter of 400mm and a height of 160mm.


What's the largest object I can make with the Mayku Multiplier?

The maximum design space is a circular base of 380mm diameter and a height of 160mm. Keep in mind that templates need a small margin, but you can create larger objects by using multi-part molds or assembling multiple pieces during the build.


Working with tall templates

Because the Mayku Multiplier has a dome-shaped chamber, you’ll need to take the height and dimensions of your template into consideration, especially if you are forming large templates or multiple templates.

Forming Bed Placement Measurements


How to prevent resistance when closing the lid

Templates with a height of 6 cm or more can prevent the lid from closing properly.

Firmware 1.4 lets you easily level the sheet by using the up arrow to set it 1 cm above and the down arrow to set it 1 cm below the desired level. Be sure to load your template after the sheet has finished heating.

Forming Bed Placement Measurements

Link to Troubleshooting Guide


What’s the internal compressor’s PSI?

The internal compressor of the Mayku Multiplier operates at a working pressure of 150 PSI (pounds per square inch). It is equipped with a 2 CFM (cubic feet per minute) compressor, which indicates its airflow capacity. This rating is useful for determining if the compressor is powerful enough to operate air tools such as air drills or air saws, as these tools often come with their own CFM requirements.


Does the Multiplier function in the same way as industrial pressure formers, incorporating both pressure and suction?

No, the Mayku Multiplier operates solely with pressure. This design approach aims to simplify the machine and make it more cost-effective, eliminating the need for suction at smaller scales compared to industrial counterparts.


Why is the forming bed of the Mayku Multiplier designed as a circle instead of a square?

Pressure-based technology naturally functions more effectively within a spherical shape. The circular shape enables efficient pressure distribution, leading to consistent and reliable forming results.


What is the largest rectangle (width and length) that can be formed in the Mayku Multiplier?

Taking into account the small margin required around the template, the maximum design space within the Mayku Multiplier is a circular base of 380mm in diameter. This means that for rectangular shapes, the dimensions need to fit within the limitations of the circular base. 

For larger shapes that exceed the maximum design space, it may be possible to create them using a multi-part mold, allowing for the assembly of multiple pieces.

A reducing plate is currently under development and is expected to become available in October 2023. This will allow you to use A4 sheets, as well as adding an optional raised tray for your molds. 


What are the power specifications for the Mayku Multiplier?

The maximum power consumption of the Mayku Multiplier is 1600W. The voltage and current requirements depend on your region. For regions operating on 240V, the Mayku Multiplier requires 6A, while for regions operating on 120V, it requires 12A. The machine is designed to be compatible with a standard IEC cable C13/C14.


What is the machine's noise level in terms of decibels? Can it be safely used in a home setting?

The Mayku Multiplier operates at a maximum noise level of approximately 65 dB when at its loudest. During the charging and pressure buildup phase, the noise level typically ranges from around 55 to 60 dB. When the machine off-gases and disperses pressure, the pressure tank or dome reaches around 65 dB. It's worth noting that this noise level is below the threshold that would require ear protection.

Considering the noise levels mentioned, it is generally safe to use the Mayku Multiplier in a home environment. However, it's important to exercise caution and use the machine in accordance with the provided instructions and safety guidelines to ensure safe operation and minimize any potential disruptions.



Does the table for the Multiplier need to be perfectly level?

You can adjust the machine's feet by turning them to extend or retract, ensuring level placement. Ideally, the Mayku Multiplier should be level, but it only affects operation during tank draining.


Can the Mayku Multiplier mold two sheets at the same time?

No, the Mayku Multiplier is designed to handle one sheet per form to maintain consistent heating and level control.

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