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Multiplier Firmware 1.3: New features and improvements

Get new features and improve your workflow with Multiplier Firmware 1.3

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new 1.3 firmware version for the Mayku Multiplier. This update brings exciting new features and improvements to the Multiplier, enhancing workflows and adding new functionality.

What's New?

Here are some of the key changes in the new firmware:

You can now use the Multiplier as an air compressor. Using the connector on the back you can attach an airline and a variety of tools to support your workflow. For example, blow gun, airbrush, air drill, etc.

Go to Settings > Compressor mode to control the Multipliers internal tanks directly

An icon has also been added to the dashboard to indicate when the compressor is running.

Compressor mode menu on the Mayku Multiplier.
Compressor mode menu on the Mayku Multiplier

If the temperature sensor is covered at the beginning of the heating cycle, a warning is now displayed instead of the temperature rise error being triggered.

Firmware 1.3 makes error handling easier for Multiplier users. The serial number and firmware version are now displayed on error screens, making reporting issues and finding solutions easier.

The following improvements and fixes are also included in Multiplier Firmware 1.3:

  • New Error Codes. Error 44, 108, 109, and 111 have been added to the system to make identification and reporting easier.
  • Improved heating algorithm. The heater PID has been adjusted to ensure thick materials reach forming temperature.
  • Debug Information. A debug information screen has been added in some scenarios to help diagnose errors.

Make sure you're using the most recent firmware or download the latest version for your Multiplier from the Settings menu.

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