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Mayku Multiplier unboxing

Looking for a way to create precise prototypes, molds, or end-use parts for final products? Look no further than the Mayku Multiplier, a professional and easy-to-use pressure forming machine.

In this blog post, we will explain the unboxing of the Mayku Multiplier, the setup process, and the first test.

To set up your Multiplier, you're going to need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Help from one other person to lift the Multiplier
  • Access to Wi-Fi and a smartphone for registration

To start, we'll unbox the First Make Kit. It comes with some items that you'll need in order to use the Multiplier.

Mayku Multiplier's First Make Kit

You should find three bags inside the First Make Kit. First, you'll find the power cable. Then we have the sample template - we're going to use it to run our first tests. And last, we have some sheet materials.

First Make Kit content: powercable, sample template and sheet materials

First, place the Multiplier in a well-ventilated open area. You will need a second person to help you during the Multiplier unboxing and lifting. Use scissors or a knife to cut the straps and remove them. Then take off the cardboard lid.

Mayku Multiplier packaging

Pick up the activation leaflet which illustrates how to get up and running quickly. You'll find a unique QR code on the leaflet which you should scan to register your Multiplier. Next, you'll find the complete instruction manual. We recommend reading this and keeping it for future reference.

Mayku Multiplier activation process

You'll also find a toolkit containing an allen key and a microfiber cloth. These are to help you maintain the machine over time. Then remove the foam lid.

Mayku Multiplier unboxing process

Slide off the cardboard outer box and remove the foam sides and front wedge. Now pick the Multiplier up from the side with help from another person and place it on a clear and sturdy surface.

Mayku Multiplier placed on a clear and sturdy surface

Connect the power cable to the back of your Multiplier and plug it into the wall socket. Flip the power switch. Turn on the Multiplier, now follow the on-screen instructions. The Multiplier is operated via the control panel. Connect your Multiplier to your Wi-Fi network.

Mayku Multiplier Wi-Fi setup

Setting up the Wi-Fi connection ensures you get the latest firmware which gives new features and compatibility with new materials. Switching analytics on helps us improve the experience of using the Multiplier. Scan the QR code on the machine and register your Multiplier if you haven't done it already.

Now that we've finished installing, we're going to make our first form. We'll need some material and the sample template from the First Make Kit. The sample template has been carefully designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the machine. It also helps you understand some of the principles to follow when designing for thermoforming.

Makyu sample template included in First Make Kit

We'll go to the Multiplier menu and start the forming process. Select the material you would like to use and its thickness. We'll be using white HIPS 1mm.

Mayku Multiplier HIPS 1mm sheet material

Open the lid of the machine and position the material onto the guides of the forming area. Bring the lid down using the handle and turn the top lock to hold the material in place.

Inserting sheet material in Mayku Multiplier

Then lift the handle up, at this point you will hear the air tanks start to pressurize.

Lifting the Mayku Multiplier lid

The Multiplier knows exactly what temperature to heat the sheet to and the heater will switch on automatically when ready.

Mayku Multiplier heating process

Once the heating process is almost done position the sample template on the forming area. The Multiplier heats the sheet to exactly the right temperature. When the on-screen instructions alert you that the material is now ready to form, quickly bring the lid down and slide the bottom lock and press the forming button.

Placing sample template on the Mayku Multiplier forming area

You will hear a noise as compressed air is released into the forming chamber. This pushes down the material with five tonnes of force. When the cooldown process finishes, the air will be released from the pressure chamber.

Mayku Multiplier forming screen

You're now ready to release the locks and open the Multiplier, remove the formed part, and demold the template.

Formed part next to sample template

Inspect the part quality and the forming score on the Multiplier. The forming score will help you get better results by showing you how each part of the process went.

Mayku Multiplier form score

With the Mayku Multiplier, you can create high-quality, high-detail parts in less time, with full control of the process. It's perfect for producing precise prototypes, molds, or end-use parts that can be used on final products.

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