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Custom Mode: Access hundreds of sheets from different suppliers

Starting today, Custom Mode is available for the Mayku Multiplier as part of the Multiplier 2.0 firmware release.

Using Custom Mode, the Multiplier can learn any new type of thermoformable sheet in a matter of minutes. Hundreds of profiles can be saved directly to the machine for future use, making it simple to use materials from any supplier. You can also edit saved profiles after you have made them.

Until now, the Multiplier’s functions have been managed through pre-configured material profiles. With Custom Mode, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the Multiplier to work seamlessly with a vast array of different thermoformable materials.. Use Custom Mode to experiment with all kinds of thermoforming materials, including Mayku Materials, third-party materials, and any other thermoforming material that you can source. Once you’ve made your profile, you can save it or edit it for future use.

Any thermoformable material between 0.1 mm and 5 mm can be used with Custom Mode. When combined with the Reducing Plate, you can create profiles for materials over 5mm, opening up an avenue of new applications. You can save and edit hundreds of material profiles directly to the Multiplier for future use.

With these enhanced capabilities, engineers, designers, and educators have the ability to experiment with, validate, and optimize settings for a vast array of factory grade thermoformable materials. 

Multiplier 2.0 (which includes Custom Mode) is available to anyone with a Mayku Multiplier. To upgrade, just connect your machine to Wi-Fi and it will update in seconds. If you need help, you can find more information in our learn section.

Follow these steps to harness the full potential of the Custom Mode for your thermoforming projects.

1. Select a sheet

Start by choosing a sheet for your project. You can use a full-size sheet cut to a 428 mm diameter circle. Alternatively, if you have a Reducing Plate, you can use A4 or US letter size sheets, which can be more efficient with material for smaller forms. Find out the material's melting temperature by asking the supplier or looking it up on the web. 

2. Create a custom profile

Once you have your melting temperature, you’re ready to head to the machine. 

  • Navigate to the materials list
  • Select "Add New Material" (located at the top)
  • Fill in the material type, temperature, and pressure*

    *Different materials have unique forming temperatures and pressures. Generally, thicker sheets demand higher pressure for effective forming. For instance, a 1 mm HIPS sheet may be optimal at 160 °C and 45 PSI, but a 3 mm HIPS sheet might need 160 °C and 60 PSI. It’s best to experiment with these settings based on your particular application.

You can optionally adjust the following:

Form time: Duration the sheet is under pressure

Cool time: Duration the sheet cools after the pressure release

Heater on pressure: Dictates when the heaters activate. You can modify this for materials that heat rapidly to minimize wait times

3. Calibrate the sheet

The Multiplier contains an in-built sheet leveling mechanism. This system enables the Multiplier to keep sheets completely level whilst heating.

During this calibration phase, ensure the sheet remains as level as possible by pressing the up and down arrows on the machine. Proper calibration is crucial to prevent issues like uneven forms or challenges when shutting the machine.

4. Save the sheet profile

After calibration, you’re ready to save the sheet profile. You can either use the generated name or assign a custom one for easier reference in the future.

We’re excited to see how Custom Mode can improve the Multiplier pressure forming workflow. Go even further by using it in combination with the Reducing Plate, available from all Mayku resellers.

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