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Would you like to test if the Multiplier is a good fit for your application? Let our team of application engineers help you validate it before you commit to purchase. We’ll then make a custom part for you and send it to you free of charge for you to validate in-house.
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How it works:

Step 01

Book a free application review call where our team of application experts will help evaluate your design and confirm whether or not it is achievable

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Step 02

After confirming your application works - we’ll help you get a design ready. Either guiding you to design your part for the constraints of pressure forming or we can support with designing in CAD and template creation.

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Step 03

We’ll make you a sample part and send it to you to review internally. You can then validate that you’re happy with the results before committing to purchase.

Book free application review call

We recommend reviewing the images below to understand the size constraints of the Multiplier:

Tall and narrow templates, up to 160mm, can be placed in the centre of the forming bed.
For wider templates, such as in this example, the maximum height allowed is 60mm.
If you wish to utilize the entire forming bed, the template (or templates) must be shallower, as demonstrated in this example.

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