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ABS, PMMA & UHMW now available

How to use Custom Mode on the Mayku Multiplier

2 minutes readAug 30, 2023

Custom mode enables you to use third-party materials.

Current Mayku Multiplier materials with profiles available on our website are:

  • 1mm PETG
  • 1mm HIPS
  • 1.5mm EVA
  • 3mm PMMA
  • 3mm UHMW
  • 4mm ABS

By using custom mode, you are able to change the internal values of the Mayku Multiplier, setting the temperature, pressure, and cooling time yourself. Up to five different custom material profiles can currently be stored.

Different materials have different heating times which affects how many forms you can do in one session. We recommend contacting the material manufacturer or seller prior to using third party materials to confirm the working temperature of the material.

TIP: When the dome of the Mayku Multiplier reaches a temperature between 110°C and 125°C, "Heater Error 44" will display. This indicates that the machine must cool down to 30°C before another forming cycle can begin. This process can be sped up by using a fan to blow cool air into the dome, which can be angled using a piece of cardboard as shown in the image.

Yes, this can be done using the machine’s custom mode. When enabled, you can set the temperature, pressure, and cooling time yourself. To enable this, please contact [email protected].

The Reducing Plate is currently under development and is expected to become available in October 2023.

It allows you to use A4 letter or US letter sheets, as well as adding an optional raised tray for your molds. You’ll also be able to produce smaller forms which will reduce the amount of plastic used.

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