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FormBox Troubleshooting

2 minutes readFeb 02, 2023

Find below some of the common FormBox errors and possible solutions.

We designed an adapter that allows the FormBox to be used with any vacuum cleaner that has a power rating of up to 2000 watts.

We recommend using a vacuum cleaner that comes with a mechanical switch over an electric switch and a wired vacuum cleaner rather than a cordless one, as the FormBox can power it for you. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner that sits on the floor with a longer hose, rather than an upright one, if the space allows it. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner should not have a 'valve' or power control system for stepping the power down if the hose is covered.

You can use your wireless vacuum cleaner with the Mayku FormBox. However, you will need to turn it on manually.

Connect the hose to the back of the FormBox, then start heating the sheet. When almost ready, switch the vacuum on manually, bring the tray down, wait 10 seconds and then switch off the vacuum cleaner.

When the dial is in the OFF position, the fans on the top part remain on for 10 minutes to cool the heater down. Let the fans cool the heater down for 10 minutes, before turning it off at the mains.

We recommend using the FormBox in 45-minute sessions, followed by a 20-minute cooling period with the temperature dial switch to OFF.

An alarm will sound after 10 minutes of inactivity on the FormBox. A second alarm will sound after 15 minutes, after which the machine will shut down automatically.

The issue is caused by an overly sensitive switch. To fix it, lift both trays up and rotate the grey button that activates the vacuum clockwise. This should cause the spring inside the machine to drop slightly, making it less tight.

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