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Philip Khoury

Custom chocolate creations created in house at Harrods

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Watch how Philip uses the Mayku Multiplier

About Philip Khoury

Award winning, plant based confectionary

Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, Philip Khoury makes up part of the culinary team at prestigious department store, Harrods in London. He’s mastered the classics and is now innovating with new technologies in the kitchen. Philip’s current mission is to create world-class plant based desserts and confectionery.


The Multiplier is more affordable than the setup cost of one custom chocolate mold with most manufacturers.

A custom mold might have taken 8-12 weeks to prepare, with setup fees costing in the £1000's and MOQs that are prohibitively high

Philip Khoury Pastry Chef and Chocolatier at Harrods, London

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How Philip Khoury uses the Mayku Multiplier

Philip collaborated with Mayku’s Lead Creator, Agustín Arroyo, to design a 3D model of a mechanical magnolia flower in Fusion 360. The concept was to create a multi-layered chocolate sculpture that would mechanically open.
The template shape was 3D printed, ready to form with the Multiplier. A wooden box frame was produced to replicate the mold box of a traditional chocolate mold and to make for easy use.
Each mold takes less than 5 minutes to make and is immediately ready to work with. Once cast in chocolate and assembled, a truly unique edible sculpture is born.

What Philip loves about the Mayku Multiplier


Improved profit margins

Custom chocolate molds can be a costly option for creating personalised and truly unique designs. A Multiplier machine costs the same as a single outsourced custom polycarbonate mold. That cost saving can now be passed onto the customer, unlocking new opportunities.


Greater creative flexibility

Test ideas rapidly and without outsourcing. Work with a variety of sheet materials to keep costs low and creativity flowing. Quick, affordable 2mm molds can be tested immediately before committing to making your very own Polycarbonate or Flexible mold on the same machine.


Shorter lead times

Outsourcing custom mold designs can be a lengthy process. Back and forth on design drafts and then up to 12 weeks before a mold is ready to work with. With the Mayku Multiplier you can go from idea to finished mold in 48 hours. Shorter lead times means greater sales potential for your business.

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