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Watch how Beta Design Office use the Mayku Multiplier

About Beta Design Office

Multidisciplinary design for multi-national clients

Industrial and product designers, Harry Mitchell and Mark Reilly of Beta Design Office design and prototype user-centric products for global brands. The pair have designed products including innovative packaging, kitchen accessories, furniture and much more. By using desktop manufacturing techniques, the team can reduce lead times, save money and allow greater scope to experiment in-house.


The level of detail it can replicate is amazing - as good as injection molding but quicker and more cost effective.

It suits us and what we stand for too. Really good design requires iterative hand made prototypes to perfect a solution.

Beta Design Office London based design consultancy working with Nike and Fussy.

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How Beta Design Office use the Mayku Multiplier

Beta Design Office started the process with 3D renders, refining the designs until ready to print.
The template shape was 3D printed, ready to form with the Multiplier.
Each mold takes less than 5 minutes to make and is immediately ready to work with. The Multiplier picks up intricate surface detail making it an excellent application for experimenting with textures in molds.

What Beta Design Office love about the Mayku Multiplier


Greater creative flexibility

Test ideas rapidly and without outsourcing. Work with a variety of sheet materials to keep costs low and creativity flowing. Quick, affordable 2mm molds can be tested immediately before committing to making a Flexible mold on the same machine or opting for a 5mm+ sheet to create injection mold quality enclosures.


Shorter lead times

Outsourcing custom mold designs or prototype parts can be a lengthy process. Back and forth on design drafts and then up to 12 weeks before a mold or part is ready to work with. With the Mayku Multiplier you can go from idea to finished mold or part in 48 hours. Shorter lead times means greater sales potential for your business and improved productivity.


Improved profit margins and productivity

Waiting for quotes, chasing design changes and waiting for delivery all eat into your precious time when you’re prototyping to a deadline. By taking the entire production process in-house with the help of the Multiplier, designers can save money and time.

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