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Rear car light using PMMA 4mm


Cost per sheet

12 mins

Forming time

23 hrs

SLA template creation
Application overview

Manufacturing a rear car light with the Mayku Multiplier

PMMA is lightweight, impact-resistant, shatterproof and resistant to UV damage. Additionally, it’s transparent and able to create a bright light transmission quality when illuminated with LED lights. This makes it an optimal choice for rear light covers that need to be durable and provide maximum visibility.

The key benefits of using the Multiplier:

  • Take full control of the prototyping cycle
  • Manufacture end-use or customized parts in-house
  • Reduce out-sourcing costs and lead time
  • Reduced tooling costs due to the elimination of the need for expensive molds
  • Use validated engineering materials for functional components
Application considerations

There are some key considerations when making transparent parts

Template design

We recommend using 0.75mm air holes, draft angles of at least 8º on all sides, and using a female mold for maximum detail

Template manufacturing

Manufacturing the templates with SLA 3D printing offers great flexibility and template quality for short production runs

Template smoothing

The Multiplier picks up all texture, so it’s recommended to clean up every detail in post-processing and smooth the surface to increase the final part

Choosing PMMA material

Use PMMA if your application requires optical clarity, high resistance to UV light, good insulation and abrasion resistance

PMMA part removal

Use a hot knife or kevlar scissors for small runs, and automate with a CNC machine for large runs

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