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Bonbon #1

Bonbon #1

Off the shelf templates

How it works

This template is not customisable, simply purchase the shape as you see it

About this template

Designed by Parisian design studio Warren & Laetitia, these chocolate bon-bon templates were made in collaboration with Mayku to work perfectly with our machines. Warren & Laetitia's work focuses on modularity, so the bonbons have been designed to fit together and around each other in order to create intricate patterns and displays.

Template size: 60x30x30mm

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How much do the FormBox and Cast Sheets cost?

The FormBox costs - and comes with: 20 transparent Cast Sheets; 20 white Form Sheets; three starter projects; one kilogram of casting material; a universal vacuum adaptor; a plug for your region; and a Mayku two-year extended warranty.

Replacement Cast and Form Sheets cost - for a pack of 30.

Which subjects is the FormBox relevant for?

The FormBox is incredibly versatile – we’re constantly learning of different uses our customers are finding for the machine. The subjects it works most effectively with are those that fall under the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) umbrella, but it can also be used to teach art and cookery.

Where and When?

We ship to the UK, Europe, USA and select other regions. Explore the full destination list at checkout.

Orders within Europe and across North America arrive within 3 days, rest of world within 4 days, depending on your region.

Payments and Returns

We accept all credit and debit cards. Get a refund at any time until the product is shipped.

If you’re not happy when you receive your Mayku products, we can accept returns within 30 days of delivery.

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Add sheets for your molds

Clear Sheets (0.5mm)

Transparent and food safe

  • 0.5mm
$1.33 per sheet Product info

Flex sheets

Flexible for complex shapes

  • 1.0mm
$5.33 per sheet Product info

Form Sheets

Versatile white sheet

  • 0.5mm
$1.33 per sheet Product info

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