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Supercharge your production.

How it works

High resolution molds and parts in under 5 minutes

At its core is the heated pressure chamber.

It heats a sheet of material up to 200ºC in under two minutes.

The air in the tanks is compressed up to 60 psi.

This pressure is then applied to the heated sheet, generating five tonnes of force.

The pressure forces the heated sheet of material into every detail of your creation.

Creating high-resolution molds or parts in a matter of minutes.

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The details

Industrial power brought to the desktop

Circular forming bed

  • 400mm diameter
  • 160mm max forming height

A range of sheets

  • PETG, EVA, HIPS and more to come
  • Up to 5mm sheet thicknesses

Unheard of detail

  • Capture detail finer than a human hair for injection mold quality forms.

Made for the future

  • The Multiplier will grow richer with regular firmware updates, enabling new functions and applications over time.

Design pedigree

  • Our team have obsessed over every detail of the Multiplier to give you the most reliable, repeatable results. Every time.
Meet the innovators

See what’s being made with the Mayku Multiplier

Technical specs

Find out more about the size, weight and features of the Multiplier.

Our materials

HIPS sheet

Opaque for casing

  • 1.0mm
$4.99 per sheet Product info

PETG sheet

Transparent & Food Safe

  • 1.0mm
$5.99 per sheet Product info

EVA sheet

Flexible for complex shapes

  • 1.5mm
$12.50 per sheet Product info

Integrate 3D forming into your workflow

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