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Your Making, Multiplied.

How it works

High resolution molds & parts in 5 minutes

The Multiplier’s tanks fill with compressed air and pressurise the dome with up to 4 atmospheres (60psi) of pressure.

The pressure forces the heated sheet of material into every detail of your creation.

Creating high-resolution molds or parts in a matter of minutes. 

The details

Designed for high quality at scale

Circular forming bed

  • 400mm diameter
  • 160mm max forming height

A range of sheets

  • PETG, Flex sheets and more
  • Works with sheets from 0.5mm - 5mm (8mm with reducing plate)

Unheard of detail

  • Capture detail finer than a human hair for injection mold quality forms

Made for the future

  • High contrast LED screen, satisfying mechanical switches, updateable firmware

Design pedigree

  • Designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering

Technical specs

Find out more about the size, weight and features of the Multiplier.

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