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How to Make a Mini Terrarium Plant Pot Using a Desktop Vacuum Former

Want to add some greenery to your life? Intrigued by terrariums but can't be trusted with fragile glass items? Then this DIY vacuum forming project is for you. Today we show you how simple it can be to take an ordinary household object and transform it into something totally different in the matter of minutes.

Most of our Mayku Made projects involve using our Sheets to create custom mold that can then be reused to case a variety of different materials. This time, we're going to show you how you can incorporate the actual plastic sheets into your finished design.

What You’ll Need
  • Mayku FormBox
  • 2 x Clear Mayku Sheets of your choice
  • Small dipping bowl
  • Cement powder
  • Cement dye
  • Stirring sticks
  • Plastic cup
  • Vaseline, Baby Oil or other Mold Release
  • Fine sandpaper

How to Make a Vacuum Formed Concrete Plant Pot with Transparent Dome

How to Design a Custom Plant Pot using a Vacuum Forming Machine

1. First, you’ll make the mold for your planter’s base. Choose a suitable bowl and place it on the FormBox forming best. For best results place it central and ensure there's enough room around it to successfully form. Create the base mold.

2. Next, you’ll make the dome for your planter. A clear Mayku Sheet can be used so you can admire your plants growing! Form your dipping bowl again using your second transparent sheet and set it to one side.

Casting Concrete into a Vacuum Formed Custom Mold

3. Mix up some concrete, Jesmonite or plaster according to the instructions. Slowly add small amounts of water and keep stirring until you’ve got a smooth, thick consistency, ready to pour!

How to Cast Concrete into Thermoformed Plant Pot Molds

4. Pour the concrete into your planter’s base mold. Fill the mold about halfway up.

How to Make a Ombre Effect in Concrete

5. Mix two teaspoons of your chosen dye into the remaining concrete. Pour the dyed concrete into the mold until it’s about three-quarters full.

How to Make Custom Molds for Plant Pots using Vacuum Forming

6. Cover the outer bottom half of the plastic cup in Vaseline or Baby Oil. Keeping it centered, carefully push the cup in your concrete-filled mold until the concrete fills the mold to the top. Leave to set for about 48 hours.

Creating Transparent Domes Using Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine

7. Grab the dome you formed earlier and carefully cut it out around the base. Then, cut a hole in the top so your plants can peak out. Lightly sand the edges of the dome so it’s totally finger-safe.

Ombre Concrete Terrarium Inspired Plant Pot Custom Mold Made with the Mayku FormBox

8. Once the concrete is completely dry, remove the cup and gently push the concrete out of the mold. Sand down any sharp edges and smooth the surface. Now you can pop in your plants and place your dome over the top! Ta-da!

There are lots of different ways to use concrete, Jesmonite or plaster in your making - what do you have in mind? Feeling inspired? You can follow @TeamMayku on social media for more ideas or request to Speak to a Specialist today to learn how the FormBox could improve productivity for your project.

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