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Making the Mayku Multiplier: Production Delays and Chip Shortages

Ben here, CPO and Co-Founder of Mayku with our latest update on where we are with the Multiplier.

Here’s where we are in the process of getting your machine to you:

  1. Prototyping - complete
  2. Pre certifications - complete
  3. Tooling - almost done
  4. Pre-production - Planned for Dec, now happening in Jan
  5. Mass production - Planned for Jan, now happening in Mar

We’ve had to push back pre-production into January for two main reasons:

  1. We found that when heating the sheet material, the air inside the dome expands, causing the molten sheet to ‘balloon’ outwards - this can make it slow to close the machine as all of that air has to escape when you bring the lid of the machine down. So, we’ve installed a tiny little vacuum pump at the top of the machine that sucks that air out whilst the sheet material is heating up - this enables a significantly better form quality and experience of using the machine but did mean we had to make some tiny tweaks to the tooling, causing some delays.
  1. You may have heard about the global computer chip shortage and well, sadly we are not exempt. We’ve now managed to source 1000 of the chips that we need but we could not start making and testing the PCBs (circuit boards) until these arrived. Luckily, these are locked up in the factory now and we’re beginning our search for the next batch!

This means that instead of starting mass production before Chinese New Year (where the whole country get about two weeks off) we will be having to start afterwards.

The silver lining to this is that we get to test the machines to the max whilst the factory is off on their holidays so we can iron out any tweaks as soon as they are back.

Overall, these delays will make for a much cooler/safer/more reliable machine and we really appreciate your patience with us. Do let us know if you have any questions at all.

We’ll provide more specific timing as we go and will keep the Mayku blog updated with the latest information and send notifications to the email with which the order was made when there are any changes.

Thanks so much for your support and we really can’t wait to get these machines into your hands. As always, if there are any questions please reach out to the team via social media, our forum or our Speak to a Specialist form.

Best Wishes,


Co-Founder and CPO

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