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FormBox Creator Competition: The Winners

The final entries for the Mayku Creator Competition are now in. Every project has been pored over by the Mayku Team and the winners have been chosen. It has been intense.

Each winner was judged based on three criteria: technical skill, photography and aesthetics. Choosing the winners was really tough. We’ve seen some unique cases of FormBoxing and we salute each and every one of the creators for their truly exceptional works.

However, winners must be chosen. We’ve based our decision on how well each person has performed given the above criteria across all three categories. So, without further ado, the runners up:

In third place, with an outstanding combination of two-part molding, batch manufacture and incredible painting skills is Can Do from Scotland. They worked alongside children with additional needs to create an entire herd of ‘Highland Coos’, each with a custom paint job done by each child. Amazing skills!

In second place, with some old school creations, is 301 Chocolates and a collection of delicious mix tapes. By combining custom letters, molds made from cassette tapes and some wonderful backdrops in the photography, he managed to create an awesome batch of products for those with a sweet tooth.

And finally, in first place, the winner of a year’s supply of Mayku sheets is...

Ghene Snowdon! Ghene is a relentless maker, creating 3D printed forms which she then casts in concrete and other materials.

The creation that really blew the team away was this 3D scanned, 3D printed and then FormBoxed 3D portrait for blind people. We love how well this project fits in with other technical processes such as 3D scanning and 3D printing but brings a new materiality to them. The photography is well lit, clear and bright. The final objects, cast in plaster polymer, create a beautiful aesthetic. Well done, Ghene! We look forward to seeing what you make with your free sheets!

Well done to everyone who entered and we look forward to the next competition!

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